8 Reasons why a Government Job is perfect for you!

Government jobs- The Indian Dream! Haven’t you always wondered what is it that make Government jobs so special in India? What is it that makes our fathers, uncles and gossiping aunts think it’s the best thing after the noble profession of Medicine? What is so amazing about drudging at a desk job with monotony defining your future? So, let’s explore this government job fantasy, shall we?
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When did this Indian obsession begin?
Beginning its journey from the Stone Age, this obsession had always been entitling Man to certain benefits. The strong hunters who brought in the food were the ones in charge, got the best of women and were revered- making them the authority, ruling power, the government; they had the power. Then this monarchy made its way to the modern man, although the job description did change drastically, obviously! Now the hunters are men in suits, stacked neatly into cubicles slightly larger than coffins, and are at influential posts. Maybe that’s why these trite methods are considered ideal careers. So, AP EAMCET 2018 candidates, this can be your back up plan! So even you can refer Getmyuni website for more information regarding this.
Now, although I have a negative outlook on government jobs, there are perks that interest aspirants. And I am going to list them out for you.
Advantages of Government Jobs
1.   Job Security:
The biggest advantage of a Sarkari Naukri. The security, although it doesn’t pay as much as private sectors, your government job is going the break your fall when a recession hits your friends hard! The job security is top notch of government employees.
2. Pension:
The second reason why people choose government jobs over private ones is the life insurance- pensions. You don’t have to save up, your employer does it for you. You have your old age plan all worked out for you.
3.  Salary on Time:
Government employee’s get their salary on time without any delay, every month! In rare cases of delay, the government is held responsible, so that is unlikely to happen.
4. Free Time:
There isn’t much workload at a government job, you don’t have to toil and burn the midnight oil! There is a lot of free time for you and your hobbies. You can read a book, or perhaps prepare for exams, anything you want!
5. Bonus:
Allowances like DA, TA, HRA etc. are provided to government employees to compensate them for inflation, and to fulfil their needs. This is also available in a few private sectors though.
In fact, a government job covers all your expenses from grocery shopping to travelling! And you have a lot of holidays from work for your travelling.
6. Free Healthcare and Housing Facilities:
So if you are a government employee, you are to enjoy free health care. The Central Government Health Scheme for all central government employees has got your back!
Government employees have housing facilitates, so say goodbye to mortgage and rent forever, and hello to government quarters!
7.  Annual Salary Increments:
Unlike any other private sector, government employees have an annual salary hike, regardless of their performance.
8. Respect:
As I already mentioned, people at government jobs have respect and authority and are influential beings. They are looked up to.

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