Virtual Reality can make future of Learning Immersive

Learning is effective only if what is learned makes an impact in one’s life. The way of learning has been evolving in different ways to justify the fact that what is learnt should make sense in the learner’s life. Research shows that a person can remember only 20% if learnt something by hearing, 30% by viewing and 90% by simulation or practical experience. This fact has led to the rise of a whole new way of learning. Virtual Reality has marked its invention in the field of technology in many ways and is going to lay down its foundation in the field of education.

Virtual Reality in education helps students to involve more and remember what is being taught. Simulating or showing the practical working of concepts is Virtual Reality. As the name says bringing something into reality virtually incorporating sound and visuals in 3D is the main intention of virtual reality. Education in schools have some quality benefits from incorporating virtual reality. Students who learn through virtual reality are more likely to understand better and implement their understanding in different ways. Some of the benefits that students in the school level receive from virtual reality are:
  • Understanding the context: It may be that most of the times what is learnt by listening may not be understood the way it is told. The teacher might teach in a different context and the students might understand in a different context. Teaching using Virtual Reality can help to a great extent in solving this problem. Because of the explanation along with 3D visuals might help in grasping the context more precisely.
  • Improving retention: As told above the probability of remembering any concept is more through simulation or practice. Since, virtual reality enables simulation of concepts, students can retain the concepts they have learnt for longer period of time.
  • Increase involvement: 3D visuals with audio effects increases excitement and willingness of the students in learning which results in greater involvement and interest of the student in learn new things more effectively.
  • Improving literacy: The language used for explanation the simulation using Virtual Reality can impact more on students due to additional involvement of the students. This in turn leads to improvement in their speaking and writing skills. Because the concepts learnt through this mode are likely to be remembered well for a long time, it makes students to present their knowledge in different ways. 

Apart from education in school, even college level education can be benefitted from Virtual Reality in many ways. Universities or Colleges have been at the cutting-edge of new technologies, leading students to explore technology and develop the existing technology into newer forms. Virtual and Augmented Reality stands in the top of the list containing the cutting-edge technologies. Many colleges across the globe offer new technologies as courses with the intention to develop them further and most of the College Admissions are also based on the cutting-edge technologies they offer as courses. Virtual Reality is an on-demand course, it offers the following benefits to college students in their study:
  • Adaptive Learning: As the education at the college level is more of practicality, it is important for the students to understand concepts through simulation which can be made possible using Virtual Reality.
  • Aid to Medical field: To understand the functioning of the human body in a better way Virtual Reality software provides efficient simulation of human body with the use of deep learning.
  • Arts and Media: The fields of arts and media in education can be benefitted by Virtual Reality by being able to click photographs and capture videos in 360 degrees. 

Google Cardboard has launched its Pioneer Expeditions product which provides thousands of schools around the world with a kit containing everything a teacher needs to take his or her class on a virtual trip. Because of the advantages it offers, Virtual Reality is going to be the future of learning undoubtedly.
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