How To Make Money From TikTok (Guide) 2019

In the digital era, everything is possible. 3 years ago, No one knows about tiktok. Within just 2 years, tiktok grows rapidly and it has now more than 500 million active users.
Like tiktok, Any social media platform didn’t grow rapidly. Even for Facebook, it took 6-7 years to get such amount of users.

Tiktok provided a facility to make amazing short videos easily from a smartphone. That’s why it has such popularity. People can easily show their talent directly from their smartphone.
Now, tiktok is just nearly at youtube in the form of the user base. As you guys came here to know about formula to earn money through a tiktok account, here we provide a guide.

How to earn money from tiktok?

Tiktok doesn’t provide direct monetization system as it was built for content curators in order to help them create video easily.
In the future, They should start monetization, But, Don’t worry, We have lots of methods from which you can generate a good amount of income.

Step 1: Become Legit INFLUENCER

To earn money, you need an audience who follow you. It is not a short cut and fast way to make money. You buy just 40-50k fake followers online and tell advertiser to promote their post on your account.
You need to grow your followers by proving any good entertaining content or videos. If you are noobie and want to earn from tiktok, I suggest a simple method to grow your followers and then start promotion after getting a good amount of followers.
Our Secret Method:

Just find funny videos from Reddit or facebook and edit it to make it more attractive. Upload it to your tiktok account. Make sure first you have a good profile.
Use some attractive name and add your information as much you can so that visitor can follow you immediately if they find you can deliver such video more.
Publish videos on viral trends as most people finding videos on it. Share the video as much as on related Facebook groups too. You will get followers from their too.
Don’t forget to add your tiktok account link on your facebook profile or page. As people find your videos are entertaining for them they will come to your profile or page and follow you on tiktok. Also, do the same on Instagram too.
This way you can get followers fast and after making a good amount of followers like 10k you can start making money from it. You can make money by below ways on tiktok:

Method 1: Advertising

When you have a good amount of followers, mostly advertisers contact you to promote their product/post on your videos for some $$$ depending on your niche and followers.
If you don’t get any such offers, you can get an advertisement offers by posting on some facebook advertisement related groups.

Method 2: Affiliate Marketing

This is the easy and best way to monetize your tiktok followers. You just need to find the best product related to your audience on amazon or flipkart.
After finding the product, make an account on their affiliate platform or you can make an account on affiliate networks like vcommission or cuelink from where you can promote lots of other shopping offers from a single account.
After creating accounts there, make your chosen product affiliate links and share on your product review video on tiktok.

Method 3: Blogs

This is also a good way to earn money. You need to setup WordPress/blogger based sites on your niche and driving traffic to these site via telling on your videos.
You can monetize these blog via AdSense ads or other competitors network. This one needs some technical knowledge about WordPress site creation. However, it is easy. You can learn from youtube video within 1-2 days.

Method 4: Dropshipping store

Dropshipping means buying at a low rate and selling at a high rate with good profit. You can start your own dropshipping store easily using Shopify(paid) or woocommerce(free but need to set up on WordPress which need hosting and domain but it is cheap in comparison to Shopify).

You can sell anything which converts on your audience depending on the niche. Even you sell local things like sarees this way by driving traffic to your store from tiktok.

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