Best Cheap Web Hosting Company in 2021


So, you have decided to develop a website of your own after reading my article on the power of a website. But, without a domain and hosting, it’s highly impossible to build a website. Since you are a beginner, I’m sure you are not aware of the best web hosting company, especially cheap and best web hosting companies.

Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress

If you wonder if there are free hosting and domain available, then I hate to break it to you, but free things are good for nothing!!.

Few of you might have trust issues with cheap hosting services and wonder whether it’s reliable for the charges you have paid.

Then let me clarify it to you, the hosting company has achieved massive developments over the recent years, and significantly the amount has dropped for a high-quality hosting set-up.

You are new to this website development, so you don’t necessarily go for high-cost hosting services. The particular reason is it doesn’t make any sense, and you have no experience in maintaining high-cost hosting, which could be overwhelming at times.

On getting a handful of experience building a website, you feel that now it’s time to upgrade the hosting services. You can always go for a higher hosting provider and take your website to the next level.

Before we jump into hosting services, let us first understand the different hosting services available to us. There are four types of hosting, namely,

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

Dedicated web Hosting

Imagine a whole CPU that acts as a host. You know that a CPU holds ram, processor hard-disk, and so on. So, when an entire CPU acts as hosting, we call it dedicated hosting. This entire hosting is dedicated only to you and is not shared among anyone.

A Dedicated Server is not for us. It is used by major companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram who have an enormous amount of data.

But if your cloud hosting is not sufficient for your website, then you can switch to dedicated hosting, provided by AWS, HostGator, and A2 hosting.

VPS web Hosting

This server is dedicated only to you but virtually. Let’s say there’s an entire dedicated server, which is divided into three portions equally, with all the available resources.

Those virtual sub-divided servers are called virtual servers. And the entire sub-divided portion is only used by you, so the name ‘private‘. This is called a Virtual Private Server.

Shared Web Hosting

The VPS created is further divided and shared among many users with available resources, and that’s why it is so affordable. This is called Shared Hosting.

Beginners should always go for shared hosting services as it’s very cheap. But the features vary from company to company. Whichever features every company provides, that is more than enough for beginners.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is where your website is stored on multiple servers, but you can find every system and every server connected. You could easily configure your server for larger resources in one go.

The servers are connected to the network, which means there are very low chances of downtime, or I could say that downtime would never take place.

If you are looking for faster speed for a website, complete resources with a dedicated IP address, and never want to face downtime, then blindly go for cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is the best for those who have experienced building websites so, now they want to expand their website with the best security possible. Site ground, HostGator, A2 hosting gives better cloud hosting.

Now you know which hosting services to choose for your website.

Let’s come back to the main topic. After researching the best web hosting company, I have listed down a few out of thousands of hosting providers for you.

first on my list is,

GreenGeeks: Cheap and best web hosting company with unlimited storage space

GeenGeeks is the only best web hosting company that thinks about our planet Earth, and so it has come with a program called 300% green energy match. This makes your website three times greener than other hosting companies. Have you heard about this before? Me neither!!!

This hosting platform uses eco-friendly data centres and data servers. They calculate the energy used by them in a year, and the amount of energy consumed by them from the grid is renewed three times and given back to the grid.

You may be aware that our website is polluting our planet, and by opting for GreenGeeks, I’m sure you will feel great about saving the environment.

Even though they have such an eco-friendly program, the cost of the web hosting plan remains minimal. Starting from $2.49/ month for the Lite plan ends at $8.95/month for the Premium plan.

You get a variety of features with unlimited storage for just $2.49/month.

Some of the features include,

  • Unlimited Web Space in all three plans.
  • Unlimited Databases in all three plans.
  • A Free SSL Certificate.

These features are more than enough for a beginner to start with their website. And to get the cheap price you need to commit them for three years. If not then, your month-to-month price increases to $10.95.

Suppose you plan to have photography blogs with high-resolution images or think about having hundreds of videos on your blog. In that case, GreenGeeks is a lifesaver for you, as you never run out of storage space.

Since it uses LSCache, the speed and performance of your website increase significantly.

So, before I forget, check this blog where my friend has explained starting a blog with GreenGeeks that gradually helps you grow.


Second, on my list is,

Hostinger: Cheapest best web hosting company, $0.99 per month. 

I couldn’t find more best web hosting company other than Hostinger. Honestly, it provides a lot more than you need, for a beginner, of course. The reason for this low cost is because Hostinger wants you to have a long-term commitment to their services.

But that being said, over four years, you will pay significantly less than some other hosting companies.

Here is the list of features included in shared hosting:

  • Very affordable prices compared to other hosting providers.
  • 1 website for single hosting and 100 websites for premium and business plan. This is huge!!

Initially, the Single shared hosting plan cost just $0.99 per month. Gradually, you can upgrade your plan to premium shared hosting, which costs you around $2.19 per month. The premium plan includes a free domain for a year, as I have mentioned above.

Cloud Hosting plan in Hostinger

Cloud Hosting plan gives you three options. You could go for either startup plan, professional plan, or cloud global. Google Cloud has powered the cloud globally. Isn’t this amazing!!!

Cloud Hosting includes:

  • 2,4,8 CPU cores in the startup, professional, cloud global plan, respectively.

  • Daily backups are available for all three plans.

These are the major features that I have listed above. There are much more to add to it.

The cloud start-up plan comes for just ₹729, but the price could vary after a few months.

The cloud professional costs around ₹1k, and cloud global is a bit expensive as it’s powered by Google Cloud so, it’s for ₹4k. But it’s much cheaper than compared to other hosting providers.

The bottom line is Hostinger has great features, is very affordable, and gives you the best performance at such a low price.


third on my list is,

DreamHost: Monthly cheapest and best web hosting company

You don’t have to be committed for a long term with DreamHost, but it offers you a cheap monthly plan starting at $2.59 if you choose to commit for three years. Since the offer is going on, so you get half of $4.

If you want to go for this hosting company, then buy it during sales, there you get a huge discount.

Here you won’t find any long-term contracts as in Hostinger. But, you get the option to choose between monthly, yearly, or for three years. Also, in the monthly plan, there are no commitments or contracts available.

Let’s look into the features that are provided in the Shared Hosting plan,

  • Fast SSD Storage is available.
  • WordPress Pre-installed, which is not available in other hosting companies. You need to install it by yourself.
  • Free SSL Certificate in both the plan.

For starter and unlimited monthly plans, a free domain is not available. You need to buy exclusively .com for $6.99. But you get a free domain for a yearly plan even though if it’s a starter or unlimited doesn’t matter, you get a free domain worth $6.99.

Apart from these basic features, shared hosting comes with quite a several advanced features without additional fees.

Such as MySQL Databases for unlimited, SSI that’s the full form of Server Side Includes, PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 is supported here, user-friendly Control Panel, support for IPv6. And there are much more features you can have a look at by yourself. Click here to visit.

DreamHost provides different hosting support such as cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting as well. Since dedicated and VPS hosting is not much used by beginners, let us understand the features of cloud hosting that most of them use.

Cloud Computing & Object Storage

Cloud Computing & Object Storage includes two options, namely DreamCompute and DreamObject.

Get ultimate speed

Due to SSD disks, acceleration in networks, and next-generation processors, you can launch a cloud server in less than 30 seconds.

100% Access, 100% Authority

You won’t be facing any inhibition in the choice of OS or software. DreamHost servers can be based on Linux, BSD, or even MS Windows.

Servers at your Service!

You can configure your server to a different server automatically with open stack-compatible API requests with command-line tools and programming libraries.

A Cloud That won’t hinder your Growth

As your website grows, the storage space and other resources also grow by migrating to your private cloud. Features of DreamObjects are :

Your Storage Applications has connected. Your file’s secured with the backup cloud using QNAP, next cloud, DropShare, CloudBerry, Retrospect, and other popular apps.

WordPress Sites gets automatically backup. Using the DreamObjects Connection plugin, you can use shortcode to display images.

DreamObject has Built on Ceph, which means fully scalable object storage is designed for cloud-scale and web.


Next on my list is iPage

iPage: $1.99 per month, cheap and best web hosting company

iPage provides you with the cheapest web hosting services for $1.99 per month, only if you are ready to commit for three years straight. Other than that, you could opt for one year or two years for $2.99/month, $2.49/month, respectively.

Let’s check what do you all get for $1.99/month,

  • Unlimited websites for all three plans.
  • Unlimited storage for all three plans.

These features are not just for a year’s plan, but also two years and three-year plans.

I find iPage’s web hosting plan simpler than any other web hosting company.

iPage helps you to build mobile-optimized websites by using their user-friendly tools. With just one click, you can install WordPress and use it easily. In the case of DreamHost, it has pre-installed WordPress. The most popular content management system is also available on iPage.

If you are struggling to build a woo-commerce website, then iPage could solve your problem. It helps you to build woo-commerce within no time. To accept payments from the customer, you can integrate your present PayPal account with one go.

Here you can install the most popular scripts to develop different types of websites with one click. Not only that but also Integration with email marketing is also available here.


Next on my list is HostGator

HostGator: Best web hosting company and cheap for VPS and Cloud Hosting

If you have full control over your set-up, customization, configuration, server maintenance, then blindly go for HostGator VPS and cloud computing because it’s cheaper than any other hosting company. You need to have some technical knowledge since you have to set it up by yourself.

I know that most newbies don’t require cloud or VPS hosting due to lack of experience, but in the future, if you need your own allocated resources and do not want to have a shared server, then I would suggest you’ll to go for HostGator.

HostGator’s cloud hosting plan starts at $4.94/month ends at $9.25, whereas other cloud hosting company charges $50 or more, this is such a great opportunity to start with. You get all the features that are needed at such an affordable rate.

Some of the features include:

  • 2, 4, 6GB of RAM in Hatchling Plan, baby plan, and business plan, respectively
  • 2, 4, 6CPU cores in Hatchling Plan, baby plan, and business plan, respectively.
  • Unmetered storage space in all the plans.

VPS hosting in HostGator

Compared to other VPS hosting provider companies, HostGator provides a significantly cheaper plan with a decent amount of resources required at that cost. But in VPS, you cannot switch servers if something goes wrong since it’s a single server unlike, the cloud.

But you can always contact the support team, and they will solve any issues within no time.

The cost of the VPS starter plan is $19.95 per month and ends at $39.95/month with all the necessary features that you could think of.

Some of the features are:

  • Software is flexible enough.
  • You can host unlimited domains and can create unlimited email addresses, databases, FTP accounts.

Bluehost: WordPress recommendation, best web hosting company

There’s no other choice for a beginner who wants to build websites using WordPress, to opt for unbelievable feature-rich hosting on BlueHost.

BlueHost is the most popular among the three hosting providers that have been recommended officially by WordPress since 2005. It provides the best integration and Automatic installation

For those who want to start building websites, go for a basic shared hosting plan that starts for $2.95/month.

And for those who want to build websites on WordPress, go for WordPress hosting because WordPress is the most popular content management system globally. And that plan also starts with $2.95/month.

A free SSL certificate has been provided by BlueHost, but you must be thinking about what’s new in that?. The installation is simple, and you do not have to renew it every couple of months or so. That’s why it stands out from other hosting providers.

Apart from that, BlueHost has a partnership with Cloudflare, so your website performance and speed increases without any effort from your end.

WordPress hosting has three plans: a Basic plan for a blog or small website, Plus plan for small businesses, and Choice Plus is for growing your business to the next level.

The features are as follows:

  • 1 website in the basic plan and unlimited website in Plus and Choice Plus.
  • 50 GB SSD Storage in the basic plan and unlimited SSD Storage in the Plus and Choice Plus plan.
  • 24/7 support.

Even though the introductory price is the same for shared hosting and WordPress hosting, there are major differences in the server used. The server used for WordPress hosting has been optimized specifically for WordPress.

So to conclude, BlueHost has a rich set of features that optimizes your WordPress website. It is the best start for your blog, website, or online stores to launch through BlueHost.

More than two million websites or hosted through BlueHost, and if you are still not happy with the services, you get refunded within 30 days.



Thousands of web hosting companies are trying their best to stand out of the crowd by providing the best features and values to their user.

Hostinger and iPage is the cheapest web hosting for beginners, DreamHost is monthly cheapest hosting. HostGator is the most affordable and best for VPS and cloud hosting. If you need feature-rich hosting, then opt for Bluehost.

If you love your nature by not polluting it, no other hosting like GreenGeeks, along with that you get unlimited space.

If you ask me which is “The” best hosting for a beginner, I feel GreenGeeks is my answer.

I hope you can decide which hosting services to choose that suit best for your website.


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