How to Start Blog? Beginners Guide 2021


If you also want to start a WordPress Blog, then you are in the right place. I will tell you how to create a beautiful blog post on WordPress in a few easy steps.

How to start blogging in 2021

The process is simple to follow even though you are 18 years old or 50 years old. Anyone can write a blog, but to become a successful blogger, yes, you guessed it right, consistency is the key.

Firstly you need to choose a niche of your choice or interest. It could be health and wellness, make money online, sports, gaming, insurance. It could be anything.

You can also choose a multiniche website to include sports and gaming or health and relationship niches.

Having a multiniche website has its benefit.

So, to write any blog post, you need to have a domain name and hosting.

What is Domain Name and Hosting?

A domain name is the address of your website when people type your domain name in the browser URL. Then they will land on your website. It is a unique name for all.

Hosting is where your website’s files are stored. The place where it’s stored is called a “server”, got it right??!!

Click on the below button to get your domain name and hosting.

If you’re confused with a domain name and how to set it up, don’t worry. Here’s the video, where you will learn step by step in choosing your domain name and host.

In this video, you will get to know:

  • Which plan to take up.
  • What domain name to choose (a select domain name that is suitable for your niche).
  • How to choose the best web hosting.
  • How to Install WordPress.

Installing a Theme for a Blog

After installing WordPress, please remember your username and password. Now you are ready to write a beautiful blog post!!!

When you log in to your WordPress, you will get a simple plain page just like this.

This is not attractive to you or anyone. WordPress gives you the privilege to choose n number of themes that will make your blog look beautiful and professional.

To get all free themes for your blog, click on Appearance -> themes -> Add New.

You may get only when you have installed the Generate Press theme when you click on themes.

If not, then click on Add New and choose whichever theme you like from this.

You can also get premium or paid themes as well. It has its benefits of installing a premium theme. But as of now, choose any free theme for your blog.

After choosing the theme you like, click on Install-> Activate. Now it’s time to create your first blog post.

Let’s start writing a Blog.

To write a blog, click on posts on your WordPress dashboard and then click on add new.

note: ( you can delete posts or edit the same)

You will land on the editor’s page after clicking on the Add New button, and now you can start writing your title.

SEO Friendly Title for a Blog

Always give a title that attracts people to read your blog. Tittle should be for three or four words only. And SEO-friendly.

WordPress has a block type of editor where each element is a block, giving you a beautiful layout for your blog.

If you want to add a subheading then, give your subheading and hover on the words.

You will get many options. Click on the first option, change block type or style and choose heading from those options.

How to add images and videos

When you click on the ‘+’ sign in the editor, you get many options, such as image, video, paragraphs, Twitter, lists, URL, etc.

You can add as many images and videos as you want which suit your content.

To upload an image, click on image->upload image -> choose your image from your computer-> clicks on open. The same goes for uploading videos as well.

Let’s not forget about Tags.

When you come to the right side of the editor, you will find many sub-sections under the post section. You can add categories, tags, featured images, excerpts, discussion, post attributes, and so on.

To add Tags, give the tags you want and give a comma (,) after each tag. You can provide as many tags as you want.

Adding Featured Image and Widgets on Blog

Without a featured image blog won’t be complete so, to set a featured image. Click on the featured image, which is on the right-hand side column in the post section.

Click on to Image-> select any image->select. There if you want, you can give alt text, title, caption, description.

Now, if you want to add any widgets, then go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on to customize-> widgets-> sidebar-> add a widget.

Choose any widgets you want to display on the sidebar of your website. Widgets could be anything like audio, calendar, categories, image, recent comments, recent posts, and so on. Whichever widgets you want, you can add and click on publish.

Creating Header Image from Canva

After writing your first blog with image, video tags as shown above, now it’s time to change the existing header image and create your image.

Go to, sign-up there using your Gmail id, and click on it to create a design. Before that, click on custom dimensions. Give there 1841*797 px, that’s the resolution of the image, as shown below.

Now you get many options to choose your header image, drag and drop whichever image you like on the page.

If you want, you can also edit the image by writing the text of your choice and adding elements. After customizing it click on the download button.

To add your header image, which you have created, you need to go to customize->header settings-> upload files-> choose image-> to click on publish.

If you couldn’t find the header settings option, you can go to appearance -> elements-> home hero-> edit.

At home hero, you can type anything or leave it blank, scroll down, and you will find a changed background image.

There you should choose a custom image and select your downloaded header image, click on update.

Creating Menus

There will be unwanted menus on the theme which you have installed. To create new menus or if you want to edit menus, then go to dashboard->pages->add new.

Give a title for that page such as “about us”, “contact us”, “our product”. If it’s not there on the theme, you can add pages, and if it’s there, click on that menu and click on edit.

Now go to appearance-> menu-> add to the menu and later click on save menu. When you refresh your website, you can see the menus have appeared at the top of your site.

Even though you have added pages but it doesn’t appear as menus. Then go to customize ->Menus->check box primary menu->publish it.

Creating Contact Form

When you come to the contact us form, you need to give privilege to your audience to contact you, to add a name, email, phone number. Go to your dashboard-> plugins-> Add New-> Search for Ninja forms-> Install-> Activate.

Click on Ninja Form’s dashboard and click on “yes agree”.

To add the contact details in your contact form, go to your ninja’s dashboard and click on edit option and click on ‘+’ symbol.

There you get a lot of options for your contact form, drag and drop any additional attributes and click on publish.

Come back to the ninja form, copy the shortcode, paste it on the Contact Me form’s editor page, and Update it.


WordPress is the best platform to create blogs and websites. Even though the steps I have explained may look confusing but it’s very easy and simple to understand and implement. 

I hope you will create a beautiful blog and publish it every alternate day.


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